-Abbey Charles (Review From Google Plus)

After calling in the request for information, the receptionist gave me the information I was looking for. I had also looked at their website to see what technique they used and FAQ. I was off from work 2 days later and they were able to accommodate me by coming that particular day. I was also sent an e-mail reminding me of the appointment which was great! The carpet cleaner that came was the owner, which I try to use small businesses in the Aurora, Colorado area. I like how much is pride in work small businesses have. That held true for this Denver carpet cleaning company. I was not pressured into any other service. In fact, I inquired about an additional service and was encouraged to wait to see the results of the carpet cleaning in a few days (I was worried about the urine smell, and they were correct, it took a couple days for the enzymes to be effective and the smells were gone without having to use the more expensive carpet cleaners service I asked about!). He made sure I was pleased before he left. The carpet cleaning owner also made a follow up call to make sure I was pleased. I will be using them again in the future, and also will buy a cleaning for my parents house since one of my dogs likes to have accidents there too. I highly recommend this company! I have a new house and after the cleaning, the carpeting looked better than when I moved in!