Rochelle S. (Review From Yelp)

Travis showed up on time, and reviewed my carpets before beginning. He made sure I understood what was going to be done before hand, and how he would deal with refractory carpet stains. He prepared the areas to be cleaned by putting inserts underneath the furniture in order to ensure no subsequent staining would occur.

During the carpet cleaning process, Travis was meticulous at each step, and asked if I were happy before proceeding onto the next area. Travis was eager to please without a doubt. He also applied a deodorizer, and raked in a teflon preservative free of charge! The last Denver carpet cleaner I had out charged me $30 for this!

I had little faith that my bottom stairs could be ‘brought back to life’ from black, tar-like stains that others could not remove. To my great delight, Travis used a hand wand, and on his hands and knees, he cleaned each step. Miraculously, 98% of the stains were gone, restoring my carpet to its original color. The stains did not reappear after several days of drying! I am so pleased that I kept the faith that a Devner carpet cleaning company would have the resources to restore sections of carpet which I had ‘written-off’.

Travis worked alone and was not a clock watcher. He gave me his full attention, and was happy to answer all my questions. Travis was environmentally sensitive by dumping the waste water into the sewer line.

Thanks Travis for restoring more than just my carpets!!